-Official battle update from the imperial garrison on Tescollia-

-Campaign map updated-

Imperial forces holding fast awaiting further orders, surverying of local resource has proved fruitful and will support a fairly aggresive strategy going forwards. Local defenses prove trying at best but nothing the emperors will cannot overcome, with time on our side we shall enlighten all within the sector. We have suffered some losses but these are only minor at this time.

Xenos forces have made significant advances. Their main fighting force seemingly consists of the manipulating eldrad and his pheonix lord bodygaurd. Emperor only knows how these two alone massacred tricked an imperial gaurd emplacement and seperate space wolf encampment to free an emprisoned pheonix lord and create enough fire and carnage to call forth the avatar of kane!

We have had reports  from survivors that a warpborn deamon wraithknight appeared in the centre of the imperial gaurd lines butchering all around it in an all burning hailstorm of warp fire before vanishing back into the hell from which it spewed forth but we have never seen such construct before and the survivors of the space wolf encampment are being characteristically unhelpful. I fear these are not the only xenos threats in the system, more reinforcements may be required if larger xenos cells are discovered.

Chaos have rooted themselves on the fiery planet, they are not moving as quickly as the xenos but I can only assume this is due to the volatile nature of the world they are currently residing on. I fully expect them to look to less volatile planets soon so imperial garrisoning of major space ports on neighbouring worlds is a must!

There is a distress beacon still going off from a nearby space hulk, scans show there are signs of life aboard the vessel but it is not known if they are friendly or hostile at this time, we will proceed with caution.

I will report back within 10 days, if nothing is heard in that time I give you full power to exterminate the entire system.



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