IMPERIAL UPDATE – 30-07-2017

-Official battle update from the imperial garrison on Tescollia-

-Campaign map updated-

The intel recieved about a chaos courier on the world of No-Funos proved to be 100% accurate. the contingent of grey knights and imperial forces that were sent to the threat zone were not wasted and valuable information about a supply cache located on Ugromia was stolen from the enemy. The raw power and psychic energy of the grey knights imperial contingent still scares the crap out of interests me, one wiped out the courier in question by bringing an entire ruin down on top of him. I would like to tell more of the battle in question but I have been sworn to secracey under pain of death at this moment I have little recollection of the event.

This information was pased onto the brave local garrison of gaurdsmen on Ugromia who fought against the terrors of chaos tirelessley, leaving multiple vehicles irrepairably damaged with improvised access and venting points.

The battle raged for several days but finally with a lucky precision shot on a chaos predator the foul warmachine exploded into flickers of warpflame purging the heretical scum that stood near it, this allowed enough time for the imperial gaurd to advance under the long range protection of  the imperial gaurd artillery units  the emporer, tearing the supply cache from the hands of the traitors and freeing the local populus from the shackles of heresey. -Inquisitorial note- All local residents purged of corruption, begin re-population protocal.

The fighting on Tescollia has escolated drastically however with every inch the Blood Angels or space wolves seem to gain they lose countless marines and reinforcements appear to be dwindling. Local militias seem to be extremely well armed, sporting stolen terminator armour and weaponary far more advanced than anything we have encountered before, this must be the work of a traitor legion.

To add insult to injury there has been a discovery that may change the face of this war, The salamanders arrived on the planet searching for the relics of their primarch Vulkan and appear to have awoken the Necrons slumbering in the ancient structures found here. Fortunately the blood angels (who are still  lucky enough to be graced by the Spirit of the Sangiunor) were able to aid the retreat of the salamanders from the tombs with only minor casulaties. The necrons appear to have a new type of shielding on their vehicles it somehow manages to nullify whole swathes of melta fire that would turn imperial vehicles into piles of molten slag. Current numbers of necrons are not known but at this time there have been no new reports of the undying menace on the planets surface and all searching of structures not once under imperial control have ceased.

The Xenos forces on Vabos appear to be consistently taking territory, it can only be assumed that the manipulating Eldrad is using the warp connection the planet appears to have to forsee how and when to strike at each territory to gain the most advantage.

The salmanders have confirmed the presence of this new type of warp spawn wraightknight, losing hardened company veterans by being caught off gaurd by it and forcing the forgefather himself to momentarily retreat from the imperial installation he was protecting in that location. This installation will be in no doubt extremely useful to the eldar as if they can decipher the code inside of it, it shows the location of another one of their pheonix lords. It may be wise in future to not secure all the captured eldar pheonix lords in one planatary system.

The ork contingent in the area appears to be slowly growing in strength, this is no doubt the manipulative eldars doings and they may need to be culled soon to keep them from running over the planet and the entire system.

The chaos forces are slowly gaining power and have completely destroyed an imperial garrison on the outer fringes of No-Funos, they now control a key location on the planets surface and are likely to make the jump to a new planet in the coming weeks.

May the Emperor watch over us in these dark days.

-Inquisitorial note- Remembrancer executed for signs of corruption.


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